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We are a Pahrump Nevada based company that offers onsite computer repair and service. If you are having issues with your PC, Internet connection, network or other computer problems we can help..

* Computer Repair and upgrades Virus and Firewall protection Home and office

* Network installation and troubleshooting Wireless network installation

* Troubleshooting Spyware/Adware removal Containing virus outbreaks, before it is too late

* Installing virus and spyware software, so we can stop the problem before it starts

* Emergency data recovery Remote

* Recovering your documents from crashed hard drives

* Getting your printer to print, whether it is to change the cables or ink cartridge

* Helping you get on the internet, whether it be on dial-up, cable, or DSL

* Protecting and backing-up important data with our bi-weekly or monthly scheduled back-ups.

* Performing system check-ups & maintenance with our bi-weekly or monthly scheduled appointments

* Bringing your computer up-to-date, whether it be with software updates or hardware replacements

* Any other problem you might have, give us a call to see if we can help.

CRT has an unparalleled commitment to your service and complete satisfaction. In fact we GUARANTEE all our work!


(PS: Please talk to us about saving Thousands of Dollars on software solutions)

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